martes, 24 de noviembre de 2015

Days of the Week Song -

Estudiar días de la semana.

Y aquí puedes repasar lo trabajado en clase además de en tu CD Rom. Estudia mucho . STUDY HARD!

Puedes repasar unit 1 

jueves, 19 de noviembre de 2015

Fourth level

Countries project       Trabajo de paises
Choose a country Elegir un pais para hacer un póster mural.
Trabajo de equipo para exponer el jueves 30 de noviembre.

This is your project:

1. Map  and capital. Location.
2. Flag
3. Language
4. Place to visit
5. Popular sports
6.Typical dish or dress...etc.

Go to this blog for more activities about Countries

    And here you are: WELL DONE!

And look at this girl, She is awesome!!

martes, 17 de noviembre de 2015

Kids can cook! Fifth level

This is what you have to do :Esto es lo que tienen que hacer

A recipe:
1)The ingredients
2)How to make your recipe.
3)Show to the classroom your homework.You can take photos or pictures.
 27th November is the last day.

And this is the result! 
                  Well done, everyone!



Mini posters

Working at home:

Thank you, mums!!!


This is how to make a trifle:

You need help in the kitchen. Becareful!!!

If you want more go to Etiquetas and click on FOOD.

In The Morning | Adverbs of Frequency | English Speaking Practice | ESL ...

To review. (Adverbios de frecuencia: always, sometimes...

martes, 10 de noviembre de 2015


Listen to your CDs at home:Songs and Picture dictionary.
Escucha tus CDs en casa : Canciones y diccionario .
Play with the CD ROM.
Juega con el CD Rom.

Dictation test:  Unit two.
3rd Level,Tercero:Vocabulary page 70 and What time is it? It´s ......o`clock./It`s half past...............
Numbers from 1 to twelve.

4th level, Cuarto: Countries . Where are you from? where`s he / she from? I`m from........He/she`s from............

5th level: Quinto: Food . SOME / ANY
Have we got any...?
Yes, we have. / No, we haven`t.
We `ve got some....
We haven´t got any....