jueves, 19 de marzo de 2015

Happy dad's day

Have a lovely father`s day!!!

Daddy, daddy, I love you daddy, This is your special day
Sports on TV Or just breakfast in bed
                                                Whatever you wish for I'll give you instead
                                  Daddy, daddy, I love you daddy No need to work today
                               There's something important I think you should know
                                                     Daddy I love you so
                                   Baseball, biking Soccer and hiking
                                        I love the things that we do Taking long walks
                                     Playing with toy blocks I enjoy being with you
                              Daddy, daddy, I love you daddy In all your special ways
                                          On this June Sunday We'll party all day
                                                 Daddy I love you You know we love you so!

miércoles, 11 de marzo de 2015

Emotions! How are you?

Oral test this week!

Second term Oral English tests
Segundo Trimestre- Examen oral de inglés

1)¿Sé saludar, contestar al saludo y despedirme?
-Good morning! How are you?
-I’m fine ,thank you.
-Goodbye! See you!

2)¿Sé poner la fecha y decir cómo está el tiempo?
What’s the date today?  /  What day is it today?
Today is __________________(the)______________(of)_________________
What’s the weather like?
It`s ____________ and _________________

3)¿Sé preguntar y decir qué hora es?
What time is it?

4)¿Sé pedir algo con educación?
Can I have    your pencil ,please?
                        the yogurt
                        my notebook

5) ¿Sé preguntar por qué página vamos?
What page are we on?

6)¿Sé pedir permiso para ir al baño antes o al final de la clase?
Can I go to the toilet, please?

7) ¿Sé decir que ya he terminado y que vamos a corregir y si está bien o mal?
I’ve finished!
Let`s check!
Very good!  Well done!  Excellet!
That`s wrong!

8)¿Sé decir espere un momento por favor , puede repetir, no entiendo y no lo sé?
Wait a moment,please!
Can you repeat ,please?
I don´t understand.
I don’t know.

9)¿Sé preguntar si te gusta algo y cuál es tu favorito?
Do you like___________________? Yes, I do./No, I don´t.
What`s your favourite subject/animal/colour/day?
My favourite_______________is __________________/ I love_____________________.

10) ¿Sé dar las gracias y decir de nada?
Thank you, very much.  / Thanks.
You`re welcome.  

viernes, 6 de marzo de 2015

I´M GOING ON AN EXPEDITION Quinto nivel homework

Your homework for next Tuesday:

Hi !
 Next week I´m going to a three days trip to Las Cañadas del Teide in Tenerife.
I´m going to need a tent, a rucksack, a sleeping bag ,a pair of boots , winter clothes and a camera.
I`m going to climb , hike and explore around Las Cañadas.
I`m not going to swim or sail in a lake.There isn`t a lake!
I think I´m going to have a great time with my classmates.

Special for you

Click on Unit three activity one.
Actividad una de la unidad tres.