Hello !This is for sixth level to do a mini poster about British food:
This link can help you:

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Food and United Kingdom

                "World book day" 23rd April

This is for fifth and sixth level    (Esto es para quinto y sexto nivel)

Hi! This is your first homework.
You have to write about your family. This is mine:

                                                    First Page:

                            This is my family:

   Hi! My name is Marisol. I am a teacher. I teach English in Los Quintana School in Gáldar. Gáldar is in the Northwest of Gran Canaria, Spain.
  I am nearly fifty years old.   My birthday is in November.
  I live in Gáldar.
  I am married and I have got two children: Guillermo and Arturo.
  Guillermo is twenty years old  and he is studying at Las Palmas University and Arturo is fourteen years old and he is studying at CEIPS Jesús Sacramentado. Guillermo loves computer games and Arturo really likes football.
  My husband  also likes football  and he is a football trainer.
  This is a picture of my children when they were younger.

(You can add a photo of your family, too.)

Your second page:

This is my dog
My pet is a little dog. His name is Lucky and he is six years old. It is a Yorkshire Terrier.He is brown and black and he has got black eyes.
My dog is very sweet and it is a nice dog.  He always moves his tail and barks happily when I arrive home.
He  eats dry food but I sometimes give him some ham or saussages because it is his favourite food. Lucky is a lovely dog!

Third page 

This is my house.

My house is in Gáldar. My address is 77,Avenida Alcalde Antonio Rosas Street.
In my house there are :three bedrooms, two toilets, a dressing room ,a  living room,a kitchen ,a patio and a garage.
Upstairs, there is another room ,it is the laundry room where I wash my clothes and do the ironing.
My favourite place is the living room because it is very big and it is where I spend most of my time with my family. There is  a computer and my children have got their computer games and there  is a TV, too.

Fourth page

My favourite hobbies

I really like going out with my family. We usually have lunch at my mother´s home on Sundays. It´s a special day !
In my free time, I surf on the web to look for activities to add in my blog.It is very interesting .
I always listen  to Vaughan Radio  on the digital tv or on the computer. It is an English programme and it helps me  to review and to learn a lot, too.
But what I like best it `s going to San Isidro swimming-pool. I love swimming !

Last page
In the future.

I want to be a good English teacher and to help my students to pass with good marks.
I like English very much because it is a very useful language.
I want to travel to a lot of countries with my family, Italy, England ,France, The USA,…etc.
 I want to have grandchildren, too.I want to be the best granny in the world!

This is for fourth level: Esto es para cuarto nivel
The front page
This activity is for  23rd April

We are going to make a book about ourselves. As you can see this is an example of the front page.
Vamos a hacer un libro sobre nosotros.Como puedes ver este es el ejemplo de la portada.

Choose or scan a photo ,cut your head and draw the rest. It´s fun and you can decorate it as you like!!!
Bring it after Easter.

Second page

This is my family
En esta página hablaremos de nosotros y de nuestra familia.

Hello! My name is Marisol.I am nearly fifty years old.I`ve got dark and straight hair.My eyes are brown.My birthday is on 25th November.
This is a picture of my family:

(Add or Draw your family here) 

My dad ’s name is  Carmelo .He is eigthty years old. He is a  fruit and vegetable seller .He likes chocolate.
My mum’s name is Elpidia. She is seventy- seven years old. She is a housewife.She loves her family.
My husband`s name is Miguel. He is a football trainer.
My elder son is Guillermo. He is studying at  University.
My younger son is Arturo.He is a very good football player.
I love my family very much!

                                  Third page

                                Aquí escribe sobre tu mascota o inventa una

                                      This is my pet

 (Add or Draw your pet here or imagine one pet)

My pet’s name is Lucky.
It is  seven years old. It is a  dog.                                                                        
 It’s got black and brown fur.  It`s got black eyes.
It likes biscuits.
I love Lucky  a lot!

I`ll give you the next pages at school.
Les daré las páginas siguientes en el cole.Kisses!!!


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