lunes, 25 de abril de 2016

Play and enjoy!

Tercero 3th GRADE

Unit 6

Vocabulary list
making models, playing cards, singing, dancing, gardening, reading, playing the guitar, doing puzzles.
Vocabulary review:
. Family: dad, mum, brother, sister, grandad and granny.
. House: kitchen, bathroom, bedroom, hall, living room and garden.
. Free time: playing computer games, watching TV, drawing, painting, listening to music, playing football. 

. What are you doing? I'm playing cards.
. What's Mum doing? She's gardening.
. Pronomes personales:  he, she, 
. He´s ...She´s....

Grammar review:

. Where is Dad? He's in the kitchen




Unit 6 : Cuarto                  4th grade
. Ant, ladybird, centipede, worm, bee, dragonfly, snail, grasshopper, butterfly, insect. 
. Antennae, legs, head, wings, sting, eyes, ears. 
. Tree, leaf, flower, pond, grass

. To have got: They've got / They haven't got / Have worms got legs? Yes, they have / No, they haven't
. How many legs have they got?
. Plural: worm-worms /butterfly-butterflies / antennae-antennae

Texto: “Spiders”
Spiders have got eight legs. They haven’t got wings. They are brown or black. They are small. They eat insects. They can’t fly.

                                 Unit 6 : Quinto            5th grade


. Mountain, island, river, ocean, sea, desert, volcano, forest, lake.
. Cold, cloudy, sunny, hot, snowy, windy, dry, noisy, quiet, clean, big, high, small, wide, deep, long.
 . Review: Clothes 

.Comparativo de superioridade: Scotland is bigger than Wales.
  colder, cloudier, sunnier, hotter, snowier, windier, drier, noisier, quieter, cleaner, bigger, higher, smaller, wider, deeper, longer.
. Numbers: .......thousand,........ hundred and...
. Review: What is she wearing? She's wearing... 

domingo, 10 de abril de 2016

Saint George

St. George is the patron saint of England. St. George's Day is on 23rd April. It's England's national day.

British Symbols

Saint George